Apparently, the new version of the OS for mobile platforms will be released in December and it will be available for tablets as well, such as the Galaxy Tab. This new tablet by Samsung looks so good that I decided to give it a bit of prominence in this post.

At the same time, Google announced that Android 4.0 will be available half way through 2011.

These announcements coincide with the statement made by Steve Jobs, who claims that Google’s mobile OS is very fragmented in terms of market, which will become a problem in the long run and will make Apple’s OS be the winner – always according to Jobs, obviously -. Nevertheless, the economic results that Jobs was presenting were impressive, with an increase of 70% more than the same trimester last year. So, it is clear that things are going well for Apple.

And more about Apple; today, during the highly anticipated – as usual – press conference, they are going to release a new version of Apple’s Mac OS X – rumored to be called Lion – and a new MacBook Air. More about it here (in Spanish). I am also going to guess that Jobs will be wearing a pair of dark jeans and a black long sleeve wool jersey.

By the way, for Mac, iPhone and iPad users, the conference can be streamed live.