Apparently Mark Zuckerberg is on the news for other things aside from the movie The Social Network. Recent news talk about new privacy problems for Facebook. The top 10 popular applications and games of the social network have been sharing private information from the user’s profile to third parties. This is a common problem nowadays and an extra income source for this applications; multiple online marketing and statistics firms pay huge amounts of money to gather as much personal information from Internet users as possible.

So, be careful when taking care of your Facebook garden.

In parallel, in a new step to try to defeat Google in the fight for Internet domination, Facebook and Microsoft are joining forces. Bing will soon start incorporating information extracted from your social network – your Facebook network – to include in the search results. I am not sure how is it exactly going to work and what utility it will have, but it seems both companies are putting a lot of effort on it.

As I always do when talking about Facebook, I always like to remember a great SouthPark episode. These things would not happen if Facebook security was as envisioned by the cartoon’s creators: