Apple recently announced a press conference for this upcoming Wednesday October 20th in which new products and designs will be presented. As usual with Apple’s press calls, the expectation and rumors have started spreading throughout the net.

The title given to the presentation – Back to the Mac – seem to indicate that the Bay Area headquartered company intends to address the critics that they had receive lately of leaving aside the development of the traditional Mac computers and laptops as well as the Mac OS X operating system.

Many rumors indicate that a new version of the Mac Air will be presented.

The original rumors of a new MacBook Air can be traced to Taiwanese newspaper DigiTimes. Citing sources in the supply chain, DigiTime predicted an 11.6-inch MacBook Air, featuring an ultra-low voltage processor from Intel’s Core i-series. The new MacBook Air would also have “an even slimmer and lighter design,” and use new technologies that will eventually proliferate across Apple’s portable lineup.

Some of those new technologies could include “amorphous, non-crystalline, metal alloy” from LiquidMetal Technologies, whose IP Apple recently acquired. That would mean a MacBook Air enclosure that is both lighter and stronger than the current aluminum unibody model. In a contradictory report, AppleInsider refers to “chatter” suggesting the new MacBook Air enclosure will instead be using carbon fiber and weigh as little as 2.7 pounds.