As you might have probably already noticed, I am very interested in technology in general and one of my favorite topics – aside from wireless, my main passion along with soccer – is robotics. I was writing recently about humanoids and other robots that try to mimic people and, reading further on the topic, I found an interesting article in IEEE Spectrum Magazine about telepresence robots.

They instantly reminded me of a movie I saw recently, Surrogates. Telepresence robots are a new technology that allows a person to go to work, attend to meetings and interact with coworkers without actually being there. You can go to work without leaving your place.

There’s multiple companies building this kind of robots; you can see some of them here.

Artificial intelligence pioneer Marvin Minsky extolled the promises of telepresence in a 1980 manifesto in Omni magazine. “Eventually telepresence will improve and save old jobs and create new ones,” he wrote. “Later, as we learn more about robotics, many human telepresence operators will be able to turn their tasks over to the robots and become ‘supervisors.’ “

Today at least five companies are selling or will soon start selling telepresence robots. Like QB, these are still relatively simple machines—glorified laptops on wheels. But proponents say that as computers, sensors, and motors get better and cheaper, telepresence robots will advance too, revolutionizing engineering collaborations, health care, even manual labor. Could this be the future of work?

Such an interesting topic; I love it one sci-fi movies are actually not that far away from current technologies. Because, who knows, soon this

could become this