As I mentioned in the last post, I attended a Microsoft Tech-Talk last night by a Project Manager at Microsoft’s Bing team – apparently they have a whole building and a 2000 people team working on team… that is a lot of people trying to make something better than Google -. Among some interesting features and some not that interesting ones, I have to say that the overall impression I had was very good.

Bing is a very good alternative to Google. I am still going to use Google, but if I was not already used to Google I would have a tough time deciding which one to choose. An interesting feature – inspired in Google’s Doodle – is a different HD picture as background each day, always linked to some interesting facts and info about what is in the picture. They told us about other features like Bing Entertainment or Bing Shopping.

Before going into this post’s topic – cheap flights and such – let me briefly talk about Bing Shopping. It has a very interesting feature. Look for a product you want to buy or you are just browsing and access the reviews. It gathers reviews from tons of sites and automatically “reads” them and allows you to look for specific reviews of the – say – battery duration of a product. Then, Bing will list you extracts of the reviews where they talk about the battery live. It also automatically generates a “scorecard” of the product in different categories from what Bing “reads” in the reviews.

Now, finally, let’s talk about finding cheap flights. I was actually quite impressed. Go to Bing and search for – for example – “JFK to LAX”. In the results we can already see the best deal – in this case 259$ – and the prediction that this price is estimated to increase in the next few days/weeks. Very cool already, but now let’s click on the result.

Once inside we can find what are the cheapest days to travel. Are you flexible on your dates?

Or where to fly for the cheapest fare. Do you need a break, to get out of the city for the weekend and go anywhere but far?

In my opinion, very useful. Just one problem. My intention was to use as example flights from New York to Barcelona, but apparently you can just do it with American destination and a couple of international destinations… Madrid among them; should I be offended?