A recent survey and data analysis by The Nielsen Company, Android is the the most popular operating system among people who bought a smartphone in the past six months. However, among smartphones, RIM’s Blackberry is still the one with a largest market share – 31% – very close to Apple’s OS with a 28%. Android is growing very quickly because it is currently the most popular OS, but it is still behind with a 19% of the market share.

It is interesting to note that the study does not even mention Widows Mobile, which seems to be already back in the Stone Age. However, last night I attended a Tech Talk hosted by Microsoft at its Manhattan offices and, among other topics, they talked about the new Windows Mobile OS. It did not look very groundbreaking at all, but it is obvious they are trying to gain back part of the marketshare. I did see a very interesting and useful feature by Microsoft that I will discuss later on a short post.

Read the news at Nielsen Wire.