I was reading an article from IEEE’s Spectrum Magazine and found out about something very interesting and related with my city, Barcelona. The article discusses about the state of the art on Humanoid Robots.

Japan has traditionally been the epicenter of this technology, with great examples – and very famous as well – such as Honda’s Asimo, that is able to walk, run and climb stairsnobody is perfect, though -. Other famous examples are the Sony Qrio and the Toyota Partner.

However, the article talks also about new prototypes from labs in other locations that could much likely kick their Asimos. Among others – see the complete list here – I would like to highlight the REEM-B by Pal-Robotics, a company headquartered in Barcelona, only a couple of blocks away from what used to be one of my main nightlife playgrounds during undergrad.

Reem-B was designed to assist humans with everyday tasks, says Davide Faconti, founder of Pal Robotics. The 1.47-meter-high robot, unveiled two years ago, can walk at a relatively slow speed of 1.5 kilometers per hour, but thanks to powerful actuators in its legs and arms, Reem-B “is probably the strongest humanoid in the world,” says Faconti, boasting that his robot can carry a 12-kilogram payload—say, a big watermelon. Try that, Asimo.

Reem-B, the first Catalan Humanoid Robot.


I decided to finish my post by posting a picture of the actual best Humanoid Robot ever. As a celebration for the premiere last night of South Park’s new season, here we have AWESOM-O: