From a colleague in LinkedIn, I have recently found out about AgO Inc. This SoCal-based company is the responsible of AnXplorer, a new analog and RF circuits too that, “after a designer creates an unsized circuit, design variables, and objectives, generates an optimized, centered circuit that meets or exceeds the design objectives across all corners specified by the user, using a new multi-algorithmic optimization strategy aided by an expert system. By centering the design across all specified, process, temperature and voltage corners, AnXplorer achieves a robust design that enhances the yield and improves the probability of first-time silicon success“.

This product offers a novel optimization process based on simulations and equations that improves other tools based on convex or gradient-based optimization techniques. It is also compatible with commonly used circuit design tools, such as SPICE, Cadence Spectre, Mentor Eldo and Legend Design Technology MSIM.

Read more about the tool at the press release at EE Times.