The Canadian company Research in Motion (RIM) has just released their first tablet PC, the PlayBook, to become a major competitor to Apple’s iPad. It was released on the first day of San Francisco’s BlackBerry DevCon 2010 developers convention and it was defined as the first professional tablet.

Among the specs, the tablet will run on a custom made Operating System created by QNX, the BlackBerry Tablet OS, that will allow, among others, running multiple applications simultaneously – a clear advantage with respect to the iPad -. It will have a 7-inch touch screen and will weight 400 grams – 300 less that the iPad – and apparently it will be capable of playing high-def 1080p videos. Other specs include 1Gb of RAM, a 1GHz processor, HDMI and USB ports, two cameras – a frontal one of 3Mp and another one of 5Mp – and HTML5.

In terms of connectivity, it will have wifi but the first version is not expected to have 3G connection. This capability will be added in a further version. I will be also possible to synchronize the tablet to a BlackBerry phone via Bluetooth.

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