If you are a student at Columbia University or you are taking classes at the School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) of Columbia University – like myself – , you are lucky. Over the last year SEAS has been working with CUIT and MathWorks, Inc., to make sure that every student in the Engineering School has a personal copy of MATLAB.

As of today, a free copy of MATLAB is available to every student taking courses in SEAS for use on their personal computer.


The licensing agreement with Mathworks will provide all students with a single copy of MATLAB and Simulink with the following toolboxes:

Student License:
2. Simulink
3. Symbolic Math Toolbox
4. Bioinformatics Toolbox
5. Control System Toolbox
6. Curve Fitting Toolbox
7. Data Acquisition Toolbox
8. Image Processing Toolbox
9. Instrument Control Toolbox
10. Optimization Toolbox
11. Signal Processing Toolbox
12. Signal Processing Blockset
13. SimMechanics
14. Stateflow
15. Statistics Toolbox
16. SimScape