About two months ago I was told at a T-Mobile store that soon Nexus One would be available for purchase directly at T-Mobile stores. Today, I decided to check if that was already happening and I couldn’t help what wonder what happened. The phone is not available in stores – at least not in the online T-Mobile store – but it is also not available for purchase directly from Google anymore. The Google Nexus One page informs on this and informs the customers to purchase one through Brighstar. However, this option is only available for registered Android developers.

Nexus One not available for regular customers? It seems Google is discontinuing it. Doing a bit of research I found out that Google recently had made Nexus One available for Verizon customers as well but, shortly after the announcement, they discontinued this option and suggested to get a Droid Incredible instead (Verizon Nexus One is Dead, from Engadget).

Google posted an update on this issue on its official blog back in May.

I will go to a T-Mobile store soon to investigate a bit further. According to Google’s blog

As we make Nexus One available in more countries we’ll follow the same model we’ve adopted in Europe, where we’re working with partners to offer Nexus One to consumers through existing retail channels. We’ll shift to a similar model globally.

so the phone should be available at T-Mobile stores.