Julio Linares, Telefonica’s CTO, recently announced that it is necessary that network operators reach some kind of agreement with “other Internet agents” – he might have been referring to Google and social networks – to save the current model for mobile Internet. According to Telefonica, this model has been working well so far but will become unsustainable soon with the spread of smart phones and mobile applications.

Telefonica mentioned the skyrocketing of bandwidth and throughput demand as one of the main causes. This is a combination of multiple factors such as a constant increase in users, improvement of smart phones with higher capacity and the increasing popularity of certain very high bandwidth demanding applications – YouTube -.

Linares is positive that the situation will not lead to the market’s collapse, but for that one needs to act now. The first speculations have appeared about the current data plans. Telefonica has been expressing for a while their disagreement with the so called unlimited data plans – that allow the user to handle any kind and any volume of information independently of the price -.

It seems this could mean that data plans will get more expensive or that there will not be unlimited plans anymore. The news come from Spain though, and in the US the mobile internet is way more spread and there are no problems yet.

News in Spanish.