I am currently spending a few days of vacations back home in Barcelona, enjoying the weather, the beach, the people and the best city in the World. But I am also enjoying one of the best online services I know: Spotify.

This great online service – that only works in certain countries in Europe – is basically a huge online music player. Imagine that you had all the music you can imagine and beyond on your iTunes library and that everything was stored somewhere in the cloud of Internet, so it doesn’t fill up your hard drive. Imagine that you could play any song, any album, any band – except for a handful of exceptions that include great bands like Metallica, who have always positioned themselves against music sharing online – any time. Imagine being able to create any playlist. And now the best part, the one you’ll like the most, imagine all these FOR FREE.

This is Spotify.

The only catch, every 15 minutes or so there is a short 10 second commercial and you can listen to at most 20 hours of music per day. That’s it. Or you can pay about 10 euros per month and you have unlimited music. In my opinion, totally worth it.

If you are tired of Pandora playing the same songs again and again. If you are tired that after skipping 3 songs Pandora won’t let you skip anymore for a while – like if it was your problem that it does such a bad job choosing songs sometimes -. If you are tired that LastFM has similar problems. And specially, if right now you just have a craving to listen that specific song you like, or if you want to hear how does that brand new album sound… Then, Spotify is for you.

The only problem, it is – by now – only available in certain places in Europe. So, if you live here or you are traveling, don’t hesitate and try it.

It feels so good to be home…