LTE World News opens today with the news about Motorola having received $50.6 million in grant funding from the Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA). This funding has been allocated to build a public safety LTE network in San Francisco in the 700MHz band. So, this is one of the first projects assigned to this band. While it is commonly seen as a mobile telephone or common carrier development, LTE is also endorsed by public safety agencies in the US as the preferred technology for the new 700 MHz public-safety radio band.

According to Motorola, first phase includes an LTE core, 10 sites and 330 Motorola Public Safety LTE user modems to provide Bay Area responders access to a host of media rich applications delivered over the new broadband network for increased public safety information sharing.

This is very good news for Motorola. In a post a few days ago I linked a podcast by Steven Cherry in his “This Week in Technology”, where he was discussing what could be the beginning of the end of Motorola, after Nokia-Siemens Networks acquired Motorola’s Wireless Infrastructure division.