The New York Times publishes today a news about Mark Papermaster, the Apple executive in charge of hardware for the iPhone, leaving the company. Despite the fact that Apple confirmed his departure, it is not clear yet whether he resigned or he was fired, but it is been confirmed that the leave is because of the widely reported problems with the Antenna of the recently released iPhone 4.

Apparently, Mr. Papermaster was already involved in a controversial departure when he left IBM – after a 25 year career there that promoted him to the top levels of management – and signed for Apple in 2008. IBM sued him in federal court in attempt to prevent him from joining Apple.

Bob Mansfield, senior vice president for Macintosh hardware engineering, will assume Mr. Papermaster’s responsibilities. Mr. Mansfield already oversees several technologies that are part of the iPhone, including the A4 chip, the retina display and touch screens, said Steve Dowling, an Apple spokesman.

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