An online computer game based on Lego’s Universe is due out in October. As an online multiplayer game, the possibilities will be endless, especially considering that there will be over 2000 types of pieces in 26 colors. Each registered user, aside from interacting with a huge online Lego world and millions of other users, will “own” a piece of land that can be populated with their constructions. The name of the game: Lego Universe.

As players explore brightly colored lands such as the Avant Gardens and the Gnarled Forest, they’ll get to build rocket ships and skyscrapers and animals and whatever else they can imagine. With over 2000 types of pieces in 26 colors, the variations are seemingly endless. Players will also receive their own property, which they can populate with their constructions. Using the simple icon-based programming that Lego developed for its Mindstorms robotics program, players can even animate their creations—a rocket ship that flies or a Ming dynasty vase that rotates when visitors get close. And of course, online virtual creations can be made physical—for a price. Using a service called Design by Me, a player can have a kit of physical blocks shipped directly from the Lego factory and then rebuild the virtual Lego construction for real.

As a big Lego fan – I started playing with Legos when I was so young that I cannot even remember and my parents claim that Lego is one of the main reasons I did very good in school and ended being an engineer – I am very excited about this. I will probably not have time to play the game often, but I am positive I will give it a try just to remember good old times. I am curious to know if there will also be Lego Technic pieces. I loved those ones. I will never forget spending weeks trying to build a custom made gear change that worked and, after having a prototype – I was just 7 or so and I was already using such geeky words… – I found out that the latest Lego Technic release was a huge car with a gear change… made with a brand new piece I had never seen!!!!