A recent study published in the Icarus Journal previews an asteroid known as (101955) 1999 RQ36 to crash against the Earth in 2182 with a probability of 0.00054. The meteor might crash against Earth in 2169, 2185, 2189, 2192, 2195 and 2199 with a probability of about 0.00001, according to the data published by NASA.

After reading about it, I have learned about a whole program that monitors Potential Hazardous Asteroids and objects in order to be able to predict eventual asteroid crashes against Earth. I even found an old file from 2000 that establishes the details to present information and data to report a PHO and also recommends specific telescope locations – being the Johanes Kapteyn telescope in La Palma de Gran Canaria among them – to follow up observations of PHAs.

This kind of news always remind me of the movies Armaggedon and Deep Impact – premiered on the same year – about asteroid collisions on Earth. I always liked better Deep Impact, but Armaggedon, as any other movie with Steve Buscemi or Bruce Willis, is also a great movie.