The recent study “Observatorio Barcelona 2009-2010” by the Commercial Chamber of Barcelona shows data stating that Barcelona has overcome Zurich, Paris and London to become the best city in terms of life quality for European workers. This is the culmination of a positive growth over the past 20 years; Barcelona was ranked 11th in 1990 and already 4th in 2009.

The study also mentions that Barcelona is among the top 5 cities in the World in terms of congresses and international reunions organized. A special mention to – given the category of my blog – to the Mobile World Congress held yearly in Barcelona.

It is also discussed how El Prat/Barcelona Airport is the 9th busiest airport in Europe. Note that it would be among the 2 or 3 busiest ones if the Catalan government had complete power to decide ad control the airport, instead of “depending” from the central Spanish government. If we declined Lufthansa’s offer to fill the entire new Terminal 1 with flights to make Barcelona become the 2nd largest Lufthansa hub in Europe was not because we did not want that to happen…

If just the unemployment rate for people under 35 was not 40%, I could go back to my beloved home and get a job there.