Doing research for my last post I came along with a publication by the Catalan government with multiple statistics on different topics and issues about Catalunya. It was very interesting to me to see how are we doing now, given the current tough economic times. You can find the entire document here (English version) or here (version en Castellano).

There is a great amount of data, but I just wanted to highlight a couple of things:

Catalunya has a population of 7,364,078, 16% of the entire population of Spain. Barcelona is the 8th biggest European metropolitan agglomeration with 4,613,839 inhabitants. The GDP of Catalunya is of 122.00, compared to a 108.90 in the European Zone and 103.90 in Spain – yes, Spain is actually pulling down the average GDP of the EU, another thing to be proud off…. lucky us we just won the WOrld Cup… -.

In other topics, Catalunya spends a 16.7% more than Spain in R&D and only 58.8% of the people in Catalunya have Internet connection at home – this one was totally unexpected to me… -.

A document worth to check if you have a couple of minutes.