I plan on, as soon as I have time to write it, post a summary of the World Cup going over the teams that, in my opinion, made a clear football statement, such as Ghana. I actually might just dedicate on entire post to Ghana.

But until then, I wanted to share something that I find very interesting, A bunch of well known high tech companies – Intel, Toshiba and Tom Tom among them –  are hoping that Spain does not defeat the Netherlands in the highly anticipated tournament final.

Sometime during early Spring, some companies started their spring/summer-season campaigns. These companies decided, in a very smart move, that they should play along with the World Cup, offering their potential customers some kind of incentive to purchase their products. Probably the most interesting one is by PcCity (an electronics vendor, somehow similar to BestBuy). They promised to give away 10 Euros each time Spain scored a goal in the tournament. This payment would be made to the ones who had previously bought, with certain conditions, a Led tv of at least 32 inches.

Intel and Toshiba wanted to go beyond that and had an idea. Whether it was a good idea or not, we will find out in a couple of days. They told their customers that they would be fully reimbursed for any laptop or flat screen TV they bought between April 10th 2010 and June 10th 2010 if Spain wins the World Cup. Given that the sales of laptops and TVs generate 60% of the revenue in Spain, this promotion might result on being a very bad idea. Same applies for Tom Tom with a similar reimbursement-promotion.

On the other hand, Media Markt – another BestBuy kind of business –  was smarter and, despite offering the same full reimbursement promotion, they stated – in the small print of the promotion –  that the reimbursement would only occur if Spain wins every single game in the tournament. The unfortunate loss in front of Switzerland in our first game might have saved Media Markt millions.

As a final comment, I find the whole situation very funny because, in Spain, Media Markt is known for some commercials with a guy going for their bargains and claiming “yo no soy tonto” (I am not dumb). Indeed, they are not; and small print might have saved them.


Toshiba and Tom Tom are not refunding the purchases arguing some conditions that were stated online. The Office for the Defense of the Consumer is already analyzing the situation.