Brazil just lost against the Netherlands… deservedly, in my opinion. During the first 45 minutes, everything Brazil was doing was going well and they were not making any mistakes at all. Then, a “cantada” (as we call them in Spain) by Julio Cesar set the score 1-1. After that, Brazil simply faded away. Another goal by the Netherlands, Felipe Melo sentencing the game with a text book red card and the Netherlands wasting clear goal chances in the last minute were the remainder.

After the group stage I was a bit frustrated to see how most of the “big” teams were out and this World Cup was going to be lacked of “classic” games between France, Italy, England, Spain, Germany, Argentina, Brazil, etc. Seeing the schedule with games such as Paraguay-Japan in the round of 16 was quite frustrating (no offense to Japan – they did an awesome tournament – or Paraguay -they might still send my fellow Spaniards back home tomorrow-). However, after today’s game I changed my mind. This World Cup is actually turning out to be very interesting.

Ghana – my favorite team in the World Cup together with Germany and Spain – is playing beautifully and delivering great games. Netherlands and Brazil just played a great game. And everyone is excited about tomorrow’s games and the possible clash of titans in the semifinals – actually, to me, Germany vs Argentina is already a clash of the titans.

All in all, I love football and World Cup. May the best win.