KAUST (King Abdullah University of Science and Technology), a graduate-level research university in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, will open its doors on September 22nd 2009. This ambitious project gathers a strong academic program along with over two dozens of faculty from all over the world and multiple backgrounds. As the name of the institution states, this is a technology university, offering multiple science majors such as Applied Mathematics, Bioscience, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.


Electrical Engineering offers a wide variety of courses, ranging from classical analog circuit design, digital communications and signal processing, to much more advanced topics such as MEMS and adaptive signal processing. Overall, an interesting option for middle eastern students as well as students from all over the world who are willing to embrace a new adventure in a new institution that has everything from good faculty to excellent installations. Within some of the labs one can find Shaheen, an IBM Blue Gene/P supercomputer capable of 222 teraflops and ranked 14th in the world and a visualization and virtual reality center designed by the University of California in San Diego, home of the HiPerSpace, a 286 mega pixel resolution multi-tile display, the highest resolution display in the world.

I was once a grad student. Life is different as a graduate student, different sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a bad way. I wonder how the life of a graduate student by the Red Sea is. I wonder how long it will take to have an answer to that by PhD Comics.